Extend the Beauty of Your Backyard with Horizontal Fencing

Extend the Beauty of Your Backyard with Horizontal Fencing

Horizontal fencing has historically been associated with rural settings. It’s typically used to mark property lines and preserve sweeping landscape views. While this hasn’t changed, the trend has extended to modern home design as well.

Often referred to as a “good neighbor fence,” due to its attractiveness from both sides, horizontal fencing draws the eyes out to present the illusion of a more spacious outdoor area. It’s an ideal solution for any homeowner wanting to optimize their backyard design in a way that’ll last for years.

So, why has horizontal fencing surged in popularity in suburban neighborhoods as much as what’s seen beyond city limits? Let’s consider the versatility it offers to understand why it’s become the go-to design option for more and more homes.

Attractive Horizontal Fencing Features

Horizontal fencing instantly offers design character with the ability to customize a look to fit any home aesthetic. From the type of wood species to the range of beautiful stains available, there are multiple ways to make your backyard feel special and personal to you.

Wood Species

There are several different types of materials to use for horizontal fencing, depending on the look and feel you want for your home. Hardwoods like IPE, Borneo Mahogany, and Red Balau have a deep, rich color that naturally complements any outdoor space. Whereas, sustainable softwoods like Redwood and Western Red Cedar offer their own rustic appeal with variations of knots appearing throughout the boards.

Board Patterns

Some homeowners prefer the uniform horizontal fencing with boards all the same length and width. Though others like alternating between thicker and thinner boards or varying the closeness of the boards to change the spacing from top to bottom.

Size-wise, the 5/4 board has become a favorite for many. It’s thicker than the standard fence board and reasonably priced with less bowing. J&W Lumber carries most wood species and board sizes in stock but can also special order what you need for your next project. By customizing the appearance, it also allows you to optimize your view and desired level of privacy.

Wood Stains

Stains highlight the wood’s natural appearance while also protecting its structure. Messmer’s and Penofin stains are resistant to UV degradation and mildew and will not peel when properly applied. With rich pigments and a range of colors to choose from, they can instantly add life to your fencing project.

Warmer tones are often popular for rustic-style settings, while cool hues are preferable for modern homes near the coast. To create a look that combines both, exposed dark metal posts offer another appealing characteristic and using trim head screws make the hardware disappear into the board for a seamless finish.

Frame Your Outdoor Space with Horizontal Fencing

Adding a horizontal fence can transform your backyard. Whether you stick with a traditional style or opt for the latest design trend, it instantly adds style and depth to your outdoor area. From there, you can fill in the space with patio furniture, garden boxes, or whatever you see fit.

See how fencing can add to the beauty and extended use of your backyard. Stop by your local J&W Lumber store today to get started.

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