Eye-Catching Accents to Spruce Up Your Yard

A Fresh Start for Spring: Eye-Catching Accents to Spruce Up Your Yard Year-Round

When it comes to outdoor home decor and design, small updates can make a big difference. If you’re ready to freshen up your yard but want to be mindful of cost and construction, there are several cool and unique home accents that will do the trick. Here are a few ideas that can be achieved in the next nice-weather weekend and will give your home the update you’ve been looking for.


Curbside Street Number Accent Panel

Rather than rely on the painted-on house number on the side of the curb, give your home a classy addition with an accent panel. This mini-horizontal cedar board wall creates a warmth and appeal for the front yard, especially one mostly made up of rocks and plants.

All it takes to build your street number panel is a couple 4X4 posts, a few 1×4 or 1X6 boards, wood screws, and your wood stain of choice. Limited materials make it an affordable choice that instantly elevates your front yard. Plus, you can select a font for your street number to match the aesthetic of your home.

Backyard Wood Corner Trellis

Enhance a smaller backyard space with a corner trellis to create an outdoor “living room.” A wood trellis provides shade and adds design appeal to transform an empty backyard into a usable area.

Choose from different wood material types and trellis sizes to customize the right fit to optimize the space. Then, add vines, cafe lighting, patio furniture, or whatever other decor makes it feel inviting.

Front Yard Perimeter Fence

Fence projects don’t have to be limited to the backyard only. While a backyard fence is primarily designed for privacy with uniform boards made from the same wood type, a front yard fence offers a different appeal.

Add curb appeal as well as a decorative boundary separating the sidewalk or street from your front yard with a perimeter fence. Choose from a range of wood materials and colors, and play with board spacing for a unique and modern look.


Redwood Porch Railing

Redwood is popular for nearly every type of outdoor design project. For instance, one way it can be used is for porch railing to camouflage older elements and complement the character of a home. It can also hide outdated, antique iron porch posts by overlaying them with redwood or cedar columns.

Consider mix-and-matching board widths and gap sizes to add personality to an otherwise drab yard. Also, entertain the idea of mixing heartwood and sapwood to add color variation for additional depth and character. Then, simply apply a clear stain to preserve the wood while highlighting its natural beauty.


Your Next DIY Project Starts Here

J&W Lumber has multiple wood materials in various board sizes in stock every day. Need custom dimensions? Take advantage of in-store custom milling or special orders to get exactly what you need to complete your project.

Once you have your accents in place, protect their structure and appearance with a quality wood stain, and enhance it further with accessories like lighting or ornamental hardware. There are endless possibilities to convert front and backyard spaces into warm and welcoming areas that promote curb appeal and encourage more time spent outdoors.

Stop by your local J&W Lumber store and one of our friendly associates will be happy to point you in the right direction to help make your home project come to life.

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