Beautify Your Outdoor Space with a Landscaping Project

Beautify Your Outdoor Space with a Landscaping Project

Landscaping can instantly revitalize your outdoor space with endless possibilities of how it’s designed. When getting started, it’s best to plan out where you’ll put your plants, with regards to their access to sun, shade, and water, and what materials are needed to complete the project.

Maybe a lavish front-to-back landscaping design is on your mind, complete with arches and gardens. Or, perhaps a smaller area with flowers set up right outside your front door to increase the curb appeal of your home. Regardless of the size of your project, J&W Lumber has the materials you’ll need to build quality landscaping and keep it looking good for years.

What Type of Wood Should I Use for Landscaping?

Landscaping creates an impressive aesthetic for the outdoors, and there are several options that can be customized to your style and functionality needs. As with any other outdoor project, there are many types of wood to choose from to match the look and feel of your home.

Pecky Cedar

Our durable pecky landscape timbers have the natural decay resistance of Incense Cedar. They are suited when adding a vegetable bed to your full landscaping vision. They are not pressure-treated so need to worry about chemicals contaminating any edible bounty.

Pressure-Treated Lumber

Pressure-treated Douglas Fir and Hem Fir are also highly resistant to insects and wood decay. As a cost-effective alternative when building a retaining wall, this lumber type is stocked in both landscape grade (6×6) to construction grade (2×12), depending on the size of your project.


Redwood is a popular option for any outdoor structure due to its natural beauty and versatility. It’s a sustainable wood available in several grades and textures and can be used for edging and other outdoor decor projects.

Redwood Bender Board, in particular, is an edging product that’s easy to work with and can be bent around shapes when edging. Redwood Stakes is another option with the same capabilities that also maintains a beautiful appearance and structure.

Preserve the Look of Your Landscaping

Choosing quality wood materials will help preserve your landscaping look for the long haul. However, you’ll also want to invest in materials designed to keep weeds and critters at bay. Additionally, there are a few products that can help you enhance your outdoor space even further if you plan to add trees and/or a garden to your outdoor design.

Dewitt 20-Year Weed Barrier

The DeWitt 20-Year Weed-Barrier® is a cost-efficient material made of lightweight polypropylene fabric designed to block out weeds. The fabric’s woven and reinforced fiber helps control the moisture and keeps it in place even on a sloped area.

Hardware Cloth

A vinyl-coated steel barrier hardware cloth keeps critters out and prevents weeds from growing. Avoid either from infiltrating your landscaping. It can easily be cut to securely fit into whatever size and shape you’ve created.

Lodge Poles

Are trees part of your landscaping design? Lodge poles provide natural stability for young trees, which allows them to grow straight up without drooping over. Their long-lasting durability can also be used as a decorative option when building a walkway or garden bed.

Zen Garden Arbor

A simple yet elegant patio kit can instantly boost the look of your backyard even further. The Zen Garden Arbor lumber is hand-milled by a local North County craftsman and has a two-week lead time when ordering.

Landscaping takes the front and backyard to a whole new level with limitless possibilities regarding the look and feel of your outdoor space. Make your vision come to life by first setting a solid framework.

Stop by your local J&W Lumber store today for all your landscaping and outdoor decor needs.

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