7 Outdoor Design Ideas for the New Year

Elevate Your Home’s Exterior: 7 Outdoor Design Ideas for the New Year

The new year always inspires fresh ideas for ways to spruce up your space. If exterior updates to your home is on your list of things to do this year, here are several ideas to get you started.

1.  Garden Boxes

Nothing says spring is on the way more than planting a garden. A garden box is a simple and affordable way to beautify the backyard. Raised garden box kits come with all the material you need to create growing space for flowers, herbs, vegetables, and anything else you want to grow.

2. Exterior Siding

Before the weather gets too warm, it’s a good time to tackle a home siding project. Broken or deteriorated boards can make the overall exterior of your home look rundown or cause water intrusion, but fortunately, there are several ways to give it the refresh it needs. From traditional wood siding to manufactured siding options like composite, fiber cement, metal, and more, there’s an array to choose from and customize as you see fit.

3. Landscaping

Add more usable space to your backyard with the addition of landscaping. Railroad ties create rustic-looking retaining walls which add dimension to the yard and can be used for decorative plants. Stick to those that are non-edible since this wood is chemically treated to prevent rotting. Otherwise, explore the idea of planting a rose garden, pretty bushes, or your favorite type of flower to accessorize your outdoor area.

4. Cedar Split Rail Fencing

For rural properties with wide open spaces, cedar split poles offer an attractive frontier look. It’s one of the simplest fence designs to define a border without giving up any sweeping views. However, even if you like the country style and have a small backyard, this type of fencing can also be used as a garden partition for ornamental purposes as well.

5. Staining

As the weather warms up and signs of spring start to settle in, set aside time for a staining project. Whether it’s for your home’s siding or decking, the application of a Messmer’s or Penofin wood stain instantly freshens up the look of your home. Plus, it provides the protection it needs against everyday exposure and use. Personalize the look by choosing from a spectrum of natural colors and see how much it changes the appearance.

6. Decorative Screen Panels

There is a range of design ideas that involve the ease of setting up decorative screen panels. Transform an empty backyard into a welcoming oasis. Cleverly hide unsightly structures like an A/C unit or garbage cans. Or, create a stylish dividing wall to enhance your privacy when outdoors. With various Modinex and Outdeco decorative screen panel designs to choose from, there’s no limit to what you can do.

7. Outdoor Lighting

As the days become longer and the weather warmer, outdoor lighting is both functional and stylish to encourage more time entertaining outside. From recessed DekDots and stair lights, to pergola options and pops of LED color to adorn your landscaping, get creative with the design.

This is just the beginning of all you can do to enhance the use and enjoyment of your outdoor area. Let this list of lumber and design ideas serve as a motivator to get you started. Then, stop by J&W Lumber to secure everything you need to make your new year vision come to life.


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