Easily Beautify Your Backyard with Customizable Deck Accessories

Easily Beautify Your Backyard with Customizable Deck Accessories

Outdoor decking adds instant usability and style to any home. An area that was previously left bare can be easily transformed with a beautiful deck. And once your project is finished, there are several ways to create a customized look.

Consider your outdoor decking a semi-blank canvas as you develop the full design of your outdoor space. Once you add accessories, you’ll have a place to relax and entertain guests right in your own backyard. Here are a few ways to add personality to your deck.

Preserve a View with Railing

Railing frames your deck, adds safety, and makes the project look and feel complete. There are several options to choose from, including metal, cable, wood, and composite rail materials, each of which comes with its own set of accessories.

Deciding which type of railing you choose is important, especially if you wish to preserve a view. You can also get creative with color variations and a mix of materials to achieve the exact aesthetic you’re after.

Built-In Balusters

Balusters are the thin rails that fill in the space between railing end posts. They provide a safety element as well as a visual appeal.

These, too, are available in a variety of materials, including glass, which has become a modern design trend that appeals to those overlooking the ocean. Just make sure to note the building code requirements for your neighborhood as spacing between balusters may vary.

Deck Lighting

Lighting gives your deck character and creates ambiance after the sun goes down. Composite, low-voltage LED post caps add a soft glow to the outdoor area, creating a perfect setup for entertaining.

Additionally, J&W Lumber stocks DEKOR lighting, which offers several outdoor lighting choices. Recessed DekDots lay flush with the deck’s surface, while recessed stair lights are an elegant addition offering a safety aspect. There are also LED puck lights to brighten up the landscaping, and pergola lighting to enhance an already relaxing atmosphere.

Built-In Bench or Overhead Shade

For built-in seating, use extra deck boards to create a bench on the side of the deck. Or, use the materials to create a platform or steps to a hot tub or separate grilling area.

You can then adjust the amount of sun exposure by adding a pergola to the top of the deck. The LINX pergola system makes it easy to install the hardware, and it can be customized in several ways.

Attach a hammock to the pergola posts, create a decorative appeal by planting climbing vines, or attach a sunshade for extra coverage and privacy. There’s no shortage of ways to make your backyard feel tailored to your specific comfort level and style.

Creating a Welcoming Oasis

Building a backyard deck already extends your living area, but enhancing the structure with deck accessories makes the space feel uniquely yours. Whether you’re looking for purely functional additions, ornamental adornments, or a combination of both, we have what you need in stock.

Stop by J&W Lumber and bring in pictures with your design inspiration, and we’ll help you with recommendations for color, style, framing, and accessories that will work for your budget and look amazing in your backyard.

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