Exploring the Multiple Benefits of Western Red Cedar

Exploring the Multiple Benefits of Western Red Cedar

Of all the softwoods, it’d be easy to designate Western Red Cedar as the recurring favorite. Though darker in color than Eastern Red Cedar, this wood species has color variations which extend from its well-known reddish-brown color to lighter, golden hues, all of which can change from board to board.

It’s a material with multiple benefits to elevate any of your outdoor projects. Whether you want to build a fence, start a garden, or replace your siding, here are a few reasons why people love working with Western Red Cedar and why it may be a good fit for your next design idea.

Longevity and Natural Beauty for a Sustainable Look

Western Red Cedar is sustainable, durable, and easy to work with. And its tannins provide a natural repellent to rot, bugs, and UV rays, which means it will maintain its decorative and structural integrity for years.

To prolong its beauty, it’s recommended to stain the wood to enhance the grain pattern rather than cover it up with paint. Messmer’s and Penofin wood stains work wonderfully with this type of wood. These oil-based stains won’t peel, keeping your exterior structure looking new.

Due to the variation of colors, a wood stain can subtly complement or completely change the aesthetic. Choose a transparent wood stain to allow the natural wood to shine through or create a modern appeal by opting for a lighter hue. Either way, it’ll preserve the wood from the inside out, protecting it against moisture, mildew, and other harsh environmental elements.

Versatility for a Variety of Outdoor Projects

One of the factors homeowners appreciate most about Western Red Cedar is that it can be used for nearly any backyard structure or design. It has varying surface textures, which affects use preferences. Smooth Western Red Cedar is most popularly used for home siding, decking, horizontal fencing, patio furniture, and garden boxes, while rough Western Red Cedar is usually preferable for fence posts, pergolas, and rustic window trim, board and bat siding, or other garden projects.

Additionally, homeowners who want to use this material for at-home saunas, J&W Lumber can order a clear vertical grain Western Red Cedar to create their desired look. Regardless of what outdoor project you’re tackling next, this wood species is always in stock and special sizing is easy to order or can be custom milled on site.

Affordability When Sprucing Up Your Backyard Space

Lastly, Western Red Cedar is available as a 5/4 board (pronounced five quarter), which helps to save on costs while updating your home. Thinner than the average deck board but thicker than the average fence board, the 5/4 option offers all the same benefits but at a lower price point.

Enhance your home’s exterior with a Western Red Cedar deck or spruce up your side yard with a flower or vegetable garden box. As you start to build your ideal outdoor oasis, you’ll see how easy it is to create a cohesive all from using the same type of wood.

Stop by your local J&W Lumber store to get all the lumber and supplies for your next outdoor project. Our friendly associates are here to help with whatever you need.

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